Gjør din bedrift Klimapositiv med Chooose - 1 År

Gjør din bedrift Klimapositiv med Chooose - 1 År

Normal pris 550 kr

Gift your employees climate positivity this Christmas!*

Chooose will effectively delete permissions to pollute 11 tonnes of CO2 per person; the equivalent of an average Norwegian yearly footprint, and about 46 flights from Oslo to London. Adopt this 21st century employee perk, and join the pink and positive climate action movement endorsed by Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge.

Your employees will receive a digital certificate from Chooose, and you can optionally subscribe to follow up stories to spark further engagement throughout the year.

Read more on chooose.today.

*The price is set per employee. Add the product to your shopping kart and then change the quantity according to the number of employees of your company.

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