Beauty Tuesday – Spring trends

When it comes to new trends and the shift in seasons, our homes and wardrobes aren’t the only areas we can have fun updating, but also our beauty and grooming routines too. If you’re looking for a gift your beauty junkie friend would approve of or want to know what the latest types of products are to invest in, we’ve chosen some trends for SS16 that are worth the experiment.

Before beginning with the makeup, getting your base and skincare right will ensure that anything you apply goes on smoother and lasts longer. Whether it’s unique formulations containing snail slime, sheet masks that have you looking questionable for ten minutes or your traditional clay treatment, a routine evening face mask is becoming a steady staple and firm trend. With so many varieties popping up, get the most of those benefits promised on the bottle by applying a primer beforehand that’ll optimise your skin so it’s fully ready to absorb all the goodness.

The beauty world is turning more natural due to controversial topics such as microbeads and our increasing consciousness about what goes into our bodies. Superfoods not only fill our Instagram feeds but also now our skincare, with nutrient-packed ingredients becoming just as popular on your face, as well as in your favourite brunch dish. When it does come to the actual makeup, a red lipstick will always be a classic and have you looking put together in seconds. For this season, it appeared on more catwalks than not with brands from Topshop Unique to Celine incorporating a shade or two and makeup artists adding this as a staple colour in their looks.